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After-builders Cleaning

Our qualified and experienced cleaners use professional detergents that make the job easy. Every requested builder’s cleaning job will be addressed with the attention to detail that it requires. We will clear the mess and return your house to its previous immaculate condition. Whether you require a professional clean of the entire place or only certain areas, we will assist you by employing a high-tech equipment and industry-standard detergents.

We do the following :

  • Remove Paint and Cement Splashes
    From Floors, Windows
  • Frames and where Necessary
  • Dust the Walls and All Other Surfaces
  • Clean and Polish Kitchen and Appliances
  • Clean Bathroom Walls, Floors and Toilets
  • Clean Windows (Interior and Exterior)
  • Mopping Floors and Balconies
  • Remove Rubbish

Office Cleaning

Brightshine is here to help and we are confident we can fulfill your needs. Whether you are just looking for a single office to twenty-storey office blocks and complexes, we can take care of it for you, so you can focus on the important things. Our office cleaning services include a variety of tasks as required:

All floor surfaces vacuumed and mopped
Full kitchen cleaning
Toilets including topping up paper etc
Desks wiped
Phone and IT equipment cleaning
Rubbish removal and replacement of bin liners
Glass door and window cleaning

   High Pressure Cleaning

  • Exterior surfaces sparkle as new
  • Green and safe methods
  • Effective removal of mould
  • High-end specialised equipment
  • Expertise and professional approach

Aged Care Facility Cleaning

We provide comprehensive services that comprises of overall daily cleaning of floors, furniture, living spaces, sleeping rooms, restrooms and communal areas. Our aged care cleaning solutions are now available across Melbourne. We specialize in aged care cleaning service to fundamental requirements of safety & cleanliness after aged care regulations all over Melbourne.

School-Childcare Centre Cleaning

Our child care cleaning service offering features competitive pricing, a better standard of cleaning and a better service experience. Your site supervisor will do weekly quality assurance inspections and monthly cleaning audits against the written cleaning schedule for your site, to ensure your requirements and standards are maintained to your 100% satisfaction.   

Industrial cleaning

We make use of the latest and safe cleaning techniques to deliver high-quality cleaning for all our clients.

Our extensive industrial cleaning service includes all the standard jobs you’d expect, plus any other required cleaning unique to your business.

As part of a general industrial clean, we focus on some or all of the following:

  • All floor surfaces vacuumed and mopped
  • Showroom floors polished or cleaned with a high-pressure hose if needed
  • Full kitchen cleaning
  • Toilets including topping up paper etc
  • Surfaces wiped and dusted
  • Rubbish removal and replacement of bin liners
  • Glass door and window cleaning
  • Lighting and cobweb cleaning
  • Cleaning of/around industrial equipment as required

End-of Lease Cleaning

We offer premium End-of Lease Cleaning services
We do the following :
  • Cooking areas – clean oven, racks and stove top
  • Exhaust hood – clean all oil marks, wash filters
  • Sinks – clean taps and water spout.
  • Benches – wipe down all surface areas and walls.
  • Dishwasher – clean inside, including all racks and rubbers
  • Cupboards – empty and wipe out.
  • Walls- wipe down all walls. Remove cobwebs from corners
  • Windows – clean all windows and doors inside (Additional on request)
  • Cupboards and draws – empty and wipe clean
  • Floors – vacuum or sweep floors before mopping and steam clean carpets. Bathrooms and laundry
  • Mirrors – clean
  • Toilet – scrub and disinfect including under seat and around the outside of the bowl.
  • Shower – clean glass, taps and shower head,
  • Basin – clean basin and drain, wipe down all bench tops, wall tiles and taps
  • Vacuuming carpet
  • Washing windows, including interior and exterior surface
  • Removing external cobwebs
  • Removing and eliminating excessive mould in bathrooms
  • Cleaning the outside surfaces of light fittings
  • Cleaning ceiling fans
  • Cleaning air conditioners
  • Dusting window blinds. Note: This does not include wiping or steam cleaning, only dusting.
  • Sweeping home garages
  • Vacuuming or dusting furniture
  • Cleaning external patio area
  • Additional Services Available On Request
  • In addition to the services  listed in the end of lease cleaning checklist above we can provide additional services. If any of these services are required you must inform us of this when you schedule the cleaning and a price can be provided on request as well. There may be additional fees for equipment and supplies needed for the specified services. The additional services that we offer include:

Airbnb Cleaning and Short Stay Rental Properties

We offer premium, Airbnb Cleaning services to meet cleaning needs every week!

We know how pleasant guests would be if they found their accommodation neat and tidy, and thus we offer a hassle-free short stay cleaning service for all Airbnb hosts in and around Melbourne.
Our Airbnb cleaning services are delivered by specially trained cleaning experts, providing a fast and efficient general cleaning every time after your guests checked out or on your demand – even with very short notice.
We take completion photos after each clean. Peace of mind that the property is guest-ready so you can sit back and wait for the 5 star review.

We also offer fortnightly, monthly services with flexible schedules for your convenience.


  • Tiles, walls, bathtubs and showers cleaned and disinfected
  • Tile grout scrubbed
  • Shower doors cleaned and disinfected
  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and polished
  • Floors hand washed and disinfected/carpets vacuumed
  • Toilets cleaned and disinfected
  • Cobwebs removed
  • General dusting
  • Replenish toiletries
  • Clean the interior of cupboard

Kitchen & Eating Areas

  • Counter tops cleaned
  • Outside of range hood cleaned
  • Top and front of appliances cleaned
  • Sinks cleaned, disinfected and chrome polished
  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and polished
  • Floors vacuumed and hand washed
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Microwave disinfected and wiped out
  • Drip pans on stove wiped out
  • General dusting

Sleeping & Living Areas

  • Linen changeover
  • Place towels
  • Make-up beds
  • Vacuum sofa furnishing
  • Vacuum under beds
  • Flat areas damp cloth dusted
  • Stairs vacuumed
  • All readily accessible floors vacuumed
  • Wood floors swept and hand wiped
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Picture frames dusted
  • Window sills and ledges dusted
  • Ceiling fans dusted
  • Lampshades dusted
  • General dusting
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